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Operating Without Business License Complaint at 1202 W Grand Ave

OPENED 6 minutes ago #SR20-04743627

Crisis Referral at 1435 W 79 Th St

CLOSED 6 minutes ago #SR20-04740572

Street Light On During Day Complaint at 1945 E 79 Th St

OPENED 7 minutes ago #SR20-04690251

Inspect Public Way Request at 1800 S Damen Ave

OPENED 8 minutes ago #SR20-04743625

Shelter Request at 1501 N California Ave

CLOSED 8 minutes ago #SR20-04732610

Rodent Baiting/Rat Complaint at 4334 S Wolcott Ave

OPENED 8 minutes ago #SR20-04707852

Relocated Vehicle at 1600 N Lake Shore Dr

OPENED 9 minutes ago #SR20-04743620

Shelter Request at 6310 S Claremont Ave

CLOSED 9 minutes ago #SR20-04735059

Alley Light Out Complaint at 3456 N Oak Park Ave

OPENED 9 minutes ago #SR20-04501971

Garbage Cart Maintenance at 3528 W 75 Th Pl

OPENED 9 minutes ago #SR20-04628046

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