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Shelter Request at 5701 W Madison St

OPEN 20 minutes ago #SR19-01214538

CDOT Electrical Operations Construction Complaints at 6649 S Wood St

OPEN 22 minutes ago #SR19-01214535

Abandoned Vehicle Complaint at 328 N Karlov Ave

OPEN 25 minutes ago #SR19-01214528

Shelter Request at 5645 W Addison St

OPEN 29 minutes ago #SR19-01214527

Shelter Request at 2701 W 68 Th St

OPEN 31 minutes ago #SR19-01214525

Water in Basement Complaint at 3234 W 84 Th Pl

COMPLETED 34 minutes ago #SR19-01213026

Pothole in Street Complaint at 2139 S Pulaski Rd

OPEN 35 minutes ago #SR19-01214520

Senior Information and Assistance Request at 9422 S Sangamon St

OPEN 35 minutes ago #SR19-01176096

Sewer Cleaning Inspection Request at 805 W Jackson Blvd

COMPLETED 40 minutes ago #SR19-01158452

Fire Safety Inspection Request at 5710 N Winthrop Ave

OPEN 44 minutes ago #SR19-01135914

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