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Street Light Out Complaint at 2307 W 21 St St

CLOSED 10 minutes ago #SR19-02843821

Restaurant Complaint at 875 N Michigan Ave

OPENED 11 minutes ago #SR19-03092307

Hydrant Check at 2101 N Pulaski Rd

OPENED 13 minutes ago #SR19-03092290

Alley Light Out Complaint at 7659 S Damen Ave

OPENED 16 minutes ago #SR19-02899999

Shelter Request at 251 E Huron St

OPENED 16 minutes ago #SR19-03092302

Street Light Out Complaint at 1200 S Clinton St

CLOSED 17 minutes ago #SR19-02549865

Street Light Out Complaint at 1745 W 16 Th St

CLOSED 18 minutes ago #SR19-01974014

Garbage Cart Maintenance at 6849 N Minnetonka Ave

OPENED 19 minutes ago #SR19-03092300

Pet Wellness Check Request at 1101 N Leamington Ave

OPENED 20 minutes ago #SR19-03092299

Street Light Out Complaint at 1100 S Wood St

CLOSED 20 minutes ago #SR19-02090105

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