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Water On Street Complaint at 6349 S Albany Ave

OPENED 2 minutes ago #SR21-01482247

Street Light Pole Damage Complaint at 4212 N Hamlin Ave

OPENED 2 minutes ago #SR21-01865737

Check for Leak at 9448 S Colfax Ave

OPENED 4 minutes ago #SR21-01867629

Traffic Signal Out Complaint at 3959 W Diversey Ave

OPENED 6 minutes ago #SR21-01867532

Relocated Vehicle at 3825 N Elston Ave

CLOSED 10 minutes ago #SR21-01867667

Sanitation Code Violation at 631 E 90 Th Pl

OPENED 13 minutes ago #SR21-01867696

Locate/ID Main/Service/BBox/Meter Vault at 7251 S Claremont Ave

OPENED 15 minutes ago #SR21-00995738

Street Light Pole Damage Complaint at 5800 W Madison St

OPENED 16 minutes ago #SR21-01587805

No Water Complaint at 6736 S May St

OPENED 22 minutes ago #SR21-01861895

Wire Down at 4350 S Paulina St

OPENED 23 minutes ago #SR21-01589038

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