Blue Recycling Cart at 4252 N Claremont Ave

OPENED about 1 month ago #SR20-05542247
Submitted Nov 29, 2020

Why are you requesting a blue cart? Damaged Recycling Cart

Description - What is the reason you are requesting carts? hole in lid/side

Do you have garbage collection service through the Department of Streets and Sanitation? Yes

How many dwelling units are within your home/building? 1

Are you currently billed for the City Garbage Collection Fee? Don't Know

How many recycling carts (blue) are currently at your property? 1

address: 4252 N Claremont Ave

coordinates x,y: 1159921.6034005582, 1928417.416156078

coordinates lat,lng: 41.9592906344553, -87.68744989988966

Timestamp Description
Sun Nov 29, 2020 05:04pm Blue Recycling Cart Opened