Restaurant Complaint at 41.872N 87.679W

22 days ago
Submitted Sep 30, 2021

What is the name of the restaurant? 311 smoke test

Please describe the problem. Smoke test

Where is the business at this address (floor, room #, etc.)? 22

Please select the problem. Food Poisoning

On what date did the problem occur? Sun Aug 22, 2021

At what time of day did the problem occur? 02:53pm

address: 41.872N 87.679W

coordinates x,y: 1162378.6559624348, 1896746.93795584

coordinates lat,lng: 41.87233347261634, -87.67930465703844

Timestamp Description
Thu Sep 30, 2021 08:31am Submitted via Open311 Open311