Recycling Pick Up at 3211 W Mc Lean Ave

6 days ago
Submitted Oct 15, 2020

Please type your address into to verify your day-of-service. What was the date of the missed pickup? Thu Oct 15, 2020

Does your cart have a Contamination Tag on it? (Contaminated with non-recycle items): No

Is your pick up in the Alley or Curb? Alley

Was home or entire alley missed for recycling pick up? Alley

address: 3211 W Mc Lean Ave

coordinates x,y: 1154595.8029002903, 1913436.3604203693

coordinates lat,lng: 41.91829, -87.707432

Timestamp Description
Thu Oct 15, 2020 07:21pm Submitted via Open311 Open311