Liquor Establishment Complaint at 2500 W Division

3 months ago
Submitted May 17, 2020

Provide Establishment Name and Address: 2500 W Division

What is the nature of your complaint (select all that apply): Unlicensed Activity

Date of Incident: Sun May 17, 2020

Time of Incident: Afternoon

Briefly describe the incident: witnessed car running freely in store.

Has this activity/problem occurred before? Yes

What time of the day does this activity typically occur? afternoon/evening

What days of the week does this activity primarily occur? Sunday

address: 2500 W Division

coordinates x,y: 1158757.379098669, 1907537.9749507052

coordinates lat,lng: 41.90202, -87.692304

Timestamp Description
Sun May 17, 2020 04:33pm Submitted via Open311 Open311