Graffiti Removal Request at Wells Street Bridge, 299 N Wells St

6 months ago
Submitted Mar 21, 2020

Description of Graffiti: on life preserver box, south east end of wells st bridge. both glass and metal affected. thanks.

Where is the Graffiti located? Front

What type of Surface is the graffiti on? Glass

Is the Graffiti located over 6 feet from the ground? No

Is Graffiti Hateful, Profane, or on a Church or School? No

address: Wells Street Bridge, 299 N Wells St

coordinates x,y: 1174650.9969384123, 1902355.8824606051

coordinates lat,lng: 41.8874593246547, -87.6340800896287

Timestamp Description
Sat Mar 21, 2020 12:44pm Submitted via Open311 Open311