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Buildings - Boiler Violation at 2716 W Rosemont Ave

OPENED 1 minute ago #SR19-02991346

Consumer Retail Store Complaint at 3120 N Sheffield Ave

OPENED 2 minutes ago #SR19-02779851

Stray Animal Complaint at 4754 S Lavergne Ave

OPENED 3 minutes ago #SR19-02991331

Request Water Shut-off Vacant Building at 1325 N Ashland Ave

OPENED 3 minutes ago #SR19-02987042

Pothole in Street Complaint at 2937 N Nordica Ave

OPENED 4 minutes ago #SR19-02991320

Sanitation Code Violation at 1328 W Hubbard St

OPENED 4 minutes ago #SR19-02991319

Street Light Out Complaint at 1720 N Elston Ave

OPENED 5 minutes ago #SR19-02991314

Shelter Request at 5645 W Addison St

OPENED 7 minutes ago #SR19-02991302

Shelter Request at 7040 S Cottage Grove Ave

OPENED 11 minutes ago #SR19-02991282

Blue Recycling Cart at 1449 N Fairfield Ave

OPENED 13 minutes ago #SR19-02991263

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