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Operating Without Business License Complaint at 2730 W Wellington Ave

OPEN 22 minutes ago #SR19-02047694

Rodent Baiting/Rat Complaint at 1300 N Cleaver St

OPEN 22 minutes ago #SR19-02300943

Tree Debris Clean-Up Request at 4830 W Van Buren St

OPEN 22 minutes ago #SR19-02300942

Animal Abandoned at 5412 W Sunnyside Ave

OPEN 23 minutes ago #SR19-02300936

Garbage Cart Maintenance at 2322 W Washington Blvd

OPEN 23 minutes ago #SR19-02300935

Alley Light Out Complaint at 11601 S Avenue G

OPEN 23 minutes ago #SR19-02047689

Blue Recycling Cart at 4152 N Plainfield Ave

OPEN 23 minutes ago #SR19-02300934

Report an Injured Animal at 4023 N Monticello Ave

OPEN 24 minutes ago #SR19-02294646

Nuisance Animal Complaint at 7460 N Greenview Ave

OPEN 26 minutes ago #SR19-02300915

Traffic Signal Out Complaint at 4204 S Archer Ave

OPEN 26 minutes ago #SR19-02047653

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