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Sidewalk Inspection Request at 3343 N Nagle Ave

OPENED 4 minutes ago #SR19-00033992

Rodent Baiting/Rat Complaint at 2938 W Fulton St

CLOSED 4 minutes ago #SR19-02514187

Shelter Request at 5555 W Grand Ave

OPENED 4 minutes ago #SR19-02552695

Low Water Pressure Complaint at 2437 N Central Ave

CANCELED 4 minutes ago #SR19-02552098

Tree Emergency at 3042 S Lyman St

OPENED 4 minutes ago #SR19-02060683

Check for Leak at 2211 W Marquette Rd

OPENED 4 minutes ago #SR19-02325494

Alley Pothole Complaint at 506 W Oakdale Ave

OPENED 4 minutes ago #SR19-02552693

Weed Removal Request at 7636 S Yates Blvd

CLOSED 4 minutes ago #SR19-02294283

Tree Trim Request at 4061 W Warwick Ave

OPENED 4 minutes ago #SR19-02552687

Tree Debris Clean-Up Request at 7259 S Champlain Ave

OPENED 4 minutes ago #SR19-02552691

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