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Stray Animal Complaint at 3455 N Lavergne Ave

CLOSED 7 minutes ago #SR19-02118633

Sewer Cave-In Inspection Request at 8444 W Wilson Ave

CANCELED 7 minutes ago #SR19-02551726

Weed Removal Request at 7645 S Essex Ave

CLOSED 7 minutes ago #SR19-02288941

Ventilation Violation at 3930 N Clark St

CLOSED 7 minutes ago #SR19-02400583

Low Water Pressure Complaint at 8752 S East End Ave

CLOSED 7 minutes ago #SR19-02552572

Fly Dumping Complaint at 1826 S May St

CLOSED 8 minutes ago #SR19-02485069

Pet Wellness Check Request at 5225 W School St

CLOSED 8 minutes ago #SR19-02508695

Sanitation Code Violation at 8708 S Saginaw Ave

CLOSED 8 minutes ago #SR19-02285259

Sign Repair Request - All Other Signs at 9700 S Escanaba Ave

CLOSED 8 minutes ago #SR19-02147946

Garbage Cart Maintenance at 1425 W Barry Ave

CLOSED 9 minutes ago #SR19-02439128

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