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Pothole in Street Complaint at 4344 W 25 Th St

OPEN 11 minutes ago #SR19-01208546

No Building Permit and Construction Violation at 1845 W 21 St Pl

OPEN 11 minutes ago #SR19-01208544

Alley Light Out Complaint at 5248 W Jackson Blvd

OPEN 11 minutes ago #SR19-01208545

Traffic Signal Out Complaint at 426 S Morgan St

OPEN 12 minutes ago #SR19-01208543

Street Light Out Complaint at 800 W 111 Th St

OPEN 12 minutes ago #SR19-01149344

Tree Removal Request at 6513 S Woodlawn Ave

COMPLETED 13 minutes ago #SR19-01134456

Water Lead Test Kit Request at 1512 North Sedgwick St

OPEN 15 minutes ago #SR19-00006098

Pothole in Street Complaint at 2439 W Grand Ave

OPEN 15 minutes ago #SR19-01208536

Fly Dumping Complaint at 3142 W Polk St

OPEN 16 minutes ago #SR19-01208535

Pothole in Street Complaint at 6087 W Matson Ave

OPEN 16 minutes ago #SR19-01208533

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