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Sanitation Code Violation at 7807 S Keating Ave

OPENED 17 minutes ago #SR20-04261101

Check for Leak at 7937 S Aberdeen St

OPENED 17 minutes ago #SR20-04286028

Groceries at 3159 W Chicago Ave

OPENED 18 minutes ago #SR20-04286024

Tree Trim Request at 10105 S Calumet Ave

OPENED 19 minutes ago #SR20-04286020

Traffic Signal Out Complaint at 4508 W Addison St

OPENED 20 minutes ago #SR20-04285955

Street Light Out Complaint at 9045 S Yates Blvd

OPENED 21 minutes ago #SR20-04286013

Tree Removal Request at 10105 S Calumet Ave

OPENED 22 minutes ago #SR20-04286003

Sign Repair Request - All Other Signs at 2523 N Kennedy Expy Ob

OPENED 22 minutes ago #SR20-04286004

Alley Light Out Complaint at 9009 S Yates Blvd

OPENED 22 minutes ago #SR20-04286002

Rodent Baiting/Rat Complaint at 1102 W Fry St

OPENED 22 minutes ago #SR20-04246727

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