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Blue Recycling Cart at 3720 W Palmer St

OPENED 21 minutes ago #SR20-05420411

Sign Repair Request - All Other Signs at 1725 S Racine Ave

OPENED 23 minutes ago #SR20-05543365

Yard Waste Pick-Up Request at 6135 W Dakin St

OPENED 23 minutes ago #SR20-05543364

Shelter Request at 975 E 132 Nd Pl

OPENED 23 minutes ago #SR20-05539233

Fly Dumping Complaint at 3201 S Wallace St

OPENED 25 minutes ago #SR20-05543359

Graffiti Removal Request at 1611 S Racine Ave

OPENED 27 minutes ago #SR20-05543355

Graffiti Removal Request at 2333 N Ashland Ave

OPENED 28 minutes ago #SR20-05543348

Street Light Out Complaint at 7600 S South Shore Dr

OPENED 28 minutes ago #SR20-05492281

Wildlife Assistance in Living Quarters at 10542 S Maryland Ave

OPENED 29 minutes ago #SR20-05543346

Graffiti Removal Request at 404 N Armour St

OPENED 29 minutes ago #SR20-05543343

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